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Andica Self Assessment Software SA100 - SA110 for Tax Year 2015-16

Personal Tax returns SA100 and supplementary forms for tax year 2015-16.
Forms supported: SA100, SA101, SA102, SA102M, SA103S, SA103F, SA103L, SA104S, SA104F, SA105, SA106, SA107, SA108, SA109, SA110.

Andica SA800 Partnership Software (Incl. SA801, SA802, SA803, SA804) for Tax Year 2015-16

Partnership Tax Returns SA800 and supplementary forms for tax year 2015-16.
Forms supported: SA800, SA800(PS), SA800(TP), SA801, SA802, SA803, SA804.

Andica SA900 Trust & Estate Software for Tax Year 2015-16

Trust & Estate Tax Returns SA900 and supplementary forms for tax year 2015-16.
Forms supported: SA900, SA901, SA902, SA903, SA904, SA905, SA906, SA907,SA923.

Andica CT600 Corporation Tax Software Annual Licence - for Accounting Period to 31st March 2017

Corporation Tax Software CT600 and supplementary forms for accounting period up to 31st March 2017.
Forms supported: CT600 Short and Full, CT600A, CT600B, CT600C, CT600D, CT600E, CT600F, CT600G, CT600H, CT600I and CT600J. Includes iXBRL feature as detailed in our product web site 'Features' page.

The software is supplied on an annual licence basis effective from the date of purchase.

Andica Payroll Software

Payroll Software for tax year 2016-17 with Core Automatic Enrolment Pensions and Real Time Information RTI.

Andica P11D Software

Expenses and Benefits Software for reporting P11D, P11D(b) and P9D for tax year 2015-16 including P46 (Car) returns.

Tax Returns Software for Previous Tax years

Andica Self Assessment Software SA100, Andica SA800 Partnership Software and Andica SA900 Trust & Estate Tax Returns software for previous tax years.

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